Ultimate Watercolor Set
Ultimate Watercolor Set
Ultimate Watercolor Set
Ultimate Watercolor Set
Ultimate Watercolor Set
Ultimate Watercolor Set

Ultimate Watercolor Set

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Box Color: Black
Product description

Containing 36 ultra vibrant watercolor paints, this painting set is just what your inner artist needs to bring painted creations to life.

In addition to an assortment of paints, our kit also includes a Paintbrush pen, a 10 pcs of Watercolor Paper, Brush, Pencil, sponge and a matching color pouch making it a perfect Watercolor Kit.

3 colors

Our Watercolor Brush is best in class.
Watercolor Brush Features

Formulated with top grade pigments, our 36 watercolors deliver impressive vibrancy with every stroke of the brush.

36 colors

Great for personal use or as a gifting option as it is packed with a premium box.

Product Description:

Packing: Iron box.
Style: Black, Blue, Pink
Product Contains: 36 color pigment * 1, watercolor paper * 10, Brush pen * 1, Brush * 1, pencil * 1, pencil sharpener * 1, sponge * 1, Storage bag * 1


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